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Writings around and about hyperchoreography

We welcome suggestions and contributions:

All of the Simon Ellis site is worth a visit but particularly relevant is A hypermedia remembering

Sarah A O Rosners explores dance and hypermedia on her blog

Simon Fildes revisits the original essay and takes a look into the future.

A paper from Harmony Bench published in extensions online journal. (apologies for previous incorrect link)

This is link off site to a collection of papers delivered at Screendance : State of the Art. In the proceedings you will find apaper by Harmony Bench on what she calls Hyperdance. we hope to be able to publish this independently on the site.

Recently this appeared. A really excellent addition to the discussions by Matthew Gough and one we think worth pursuing and refining which we are sure will happen.

Doug Fox adds an interesting perspective on mashups at his excellent GreatDance Blog

Highly relevant thread from Turbulence.org

Here's a very dense article but not irrelevant article

We have now published this article .

  • Dance-Making on the Internet: Can On-Line Choreographic Projects Foster Creativity in the User- Participant? by Sita Popat and Jacqueline Smith-Autard.

If you have access to Leonardo on line vol 35 Issue 1 - february 2002 then you may be able to download it.

Christinn Whyte's in depth contribution to the field of on line dance work, please have a look at Motion Studies on line at Shiftworks.

We are very pleased to publish this writing on hyperchoreography by Charlotte Miles. It is a long article but worth reading and a useful addition to the exploration of this new space.

To show we aren't afraid of a bit criticism.

Also Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes original essay is still available

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