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2007 'Locus Tangent Return' (unavailable)

A new work and a slightly different approach. Over 200 individual short video clips from a recent experimental studio shoot with dancers from Scottish Dance Theatre made available on JumpCut for re-editing remixing re choreographing and adding to. Fildes and McPherson are in the process of making their own edit which will be made available this summer.

2004 'Ardnamurchan Zillij'

made by Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes in the summer of 2004 while artists in residence on the Ardnamurchan peninsula Scotland. The pushes the concept of hyperchoreography somewhat but it's an interesting point of discussion nonetheless. This work is off-site.


2004 'The Truth:The Truth'

made by Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes in collaboration with Ricochet Dance Productions. Choreography Fin Walker and Paulo Ribiero. Supported by Scottish Arts Council, Arts Council of England and Ricochet Dance Productions

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2003 'Motion Studies'

made by Christinn Whyte and Jake Messenger it is more a collection of works to explore than a single work. This work is off-site. Please also read Chirstinn Whyte's essay. - motionstudies

2002 'Big'

made by Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes in collaboration with Ricochet Dance Company. Choreography Crystal Pite. Supported by Alt-W, DanceEast and New Media Scotland

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1996 'Progressive 2'

made by Richard Lord at Big Room. There is other work on this site but thispiece in particular fits the framework of hyperchoreography the best. This work is off-site.

Progressive2 - where context matters

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