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What is hyperchoreography?

The final edit of a dance film is only one ending in a range of infinite possibilities. The sequence of the material is essentially down to artistic decisions made at a particular point of time in the edit, usually by the editor and director of the work.

Hyperchoreography offers an alternative approach. Using digital hypermedia, Hyperchoreography is a non-linear dance performance 'space', existing in an interactive, networked medium. The elements are put in place by the creators, but the shape of the work is decided by the user at the moment of interaction.

It is inspired by the model of hypertext, as defined by its creator Ted Nelson, and allows a choreographer/artist to create work that can be sequentially altered by user interaction, moving through hyperlinked moving images.

What is hyperchoreography.org?

  • The hyperchoreography website is to be created to promote and enable the creation of such work.
  • Hyperchoreographers will be invited to create work for the siteand encouraged to develop work in their own sites.
  • The site will allow informed debate and ranting polemic.
  • The owners of the site will reserve the right to curatorial control.
  • The owners of the site will design and organise the media as they wish in consultation with hyperchoreographers.
  • The site will not be an archive of complete video works unless they are broken into compenents that can be explored in a nonlinear way.

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